Initial valuation

Your main objective when selling your property should be to sell for the highest price in the shortest amount of time. We have a team of expert valuers who provide us with vital knowledge of properties which gives us an advantage in selling your property.

Select an agent

hoosing the right agent is crucial. There are a few major things to consider such as an agent’s reputation, marketing and office presence. If the agent has a poor reputation based on other customer reviews this is obviously not a good sign. It is also crucial to make sure that the agent you use markets in all of the right places and your property receives the exposure it deserves. This includes making sure that your property is not only advertised on the internet as you want to attract the attention of the window shoppers walking down London's busy roads. Finally, most people work from 9 to 5 so picking an agent who works beyond these hours and at the weekends is also important.

Appoint a solicitor

A proactive solicitor is key when selling your property, do not rush this stage and select with caution. Consider first hand recommendations and guidance from people who have recently sold their properties; don’t just consider a friend or relative who is a solicitor. Choosing the wrong solicitor can be costly. Not only will it prolong the process but it could also jeopardise the transaction and cause attractive buyers to look elsewhere. Feel free to call our recommended solicitor for a quote please email email@address.TBC


When selling anything, in order for you to achieve the maximum possible price, it should be shown in its best possible light. Property presentation is no different. If there are any simple and economical updates or changes that can be made then it is almost certainly worth doing them. Also, please do not take offence if our valuer offers you some advice on how to improve the property. Remember, it is in both of our interests to achieve the maximum price!


We will send one of our professionally qualified photographers to take photos and measurements for marketing purposes. These will be skilfully enhanced and uploaded to our website as well as the major online marketing portals. The property will also be offered to our registered buyers with compatible search criteria through email, telephone and SMS. The property will also be advertised in our window on the busy Roman Road.

Viewings and Offers

A combination of the above will result in a healthy amount of interest, viewings and, eventually, offers. Remember to be patient; the longer the property is on the market for, the more opportunity for viewings and enquiries there will be. On the other side, if a property is on the market for months on end, this can be detrimental and potentially put off prospective purchasers.

Conveyancing and the survey

Offers will be sent across immediately and once an offer is accepted, it will be sent out to all parties (including solicitors, in writing). Prior to this, we will verify the purchaser’s funding and affordability to ensure that they are capable of completing the purchase. We will also confirm that the chosen buyer has their survey (if required) carried out as soon as possible to minimise wasted time and for the buyer to demonstrate that they are fully committed.
Draft contracts will be sent out by your solicitor to their counterparts and they will raise any enquires through them, the local authority and any freeholders with an interest in the property. This stage can take a bit of time but we will be here keeping you updated every step of the way. You are also able to call your appointed solicitor for an update at any point.


The next stage is often referred to as ‘exchange’. This is the stage after the solicitors have gone through the required process and both sides are happy. Contracts are then ‘exchanged’. This is where there are large financial commitments so there is effectively ‘no turning back’ and a deposit (normally 10% of the sale amount) will be transferred. Prior to this, both parties will have signed the contract and a completion date would have been agreed by both parties.


Completion now occurs, the rest of the money is paid across and your property has now been sold. At this point, the property should be completely empty (unless agreed otherwise) and all keys must be given to the new owner.